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Anyone outside or inside any of the Mobius-related private groups on PC, the two Xbox groups, or the Mobius private group on PS4, is welcome to join us.

Register for Mobius PvE membership here (requesting Mobius Factions Membership on page 3)

In-game you can serach for and join the MEC or MCRN squadrons.

The MEC organise 3 or 4 expeditions every year and hang out on FaceBook

Wing members are encouraged to join our MCRN/MEC voice and text channels on the Mobius Discord server.

The MEC have a Guild for you to join on EDSM MEC Guild.

The MCRN also have a Guild for you to join on EDSM (you can be in both!) MCRN Guild.

Mobius and MCRN Logo Merch Site

by VectorVic