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The Mobius Exploration Corps Maps  Sometimes it's difficult to imagine the systems and their layouts, hopefully these maps are of interest...

CDR  Colonia Deep Recon is a project in association with the Colonia Mapping Project, to scan all systems and bodies with 50Ly of the Colonia system and sync the results to EDSM. MEC have been allocated a sphere of known sytems between 42 & 44Ly from colonia. CMDRS are directed to scan these systems and sync the resulst to EDSM. A map of the sphere is on the menu to the left and the systems list can be found below.

System List here

Colonia Region  This map shows the layout of the colonised systems in the colonia region

MCRN  This shows the layout of the systems that the MCRN Fcation have a presence in.

ED-VOID  EDVoid gives you the following major features: helps you with scanning stellar bodies, reporting POI and stellar anomalies or planetary features, navigation, reporting your exploration data, and get extended body information, based on existing reports.
It includes desktop application with overlay and web-application available from any browser (see menu on left), including mobile devices.

Download here

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