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The Mobius Colonial Republic Navy  Recommends the following tools and apps-PC only- for use while you ae out in the Colonia Nebula Region...

Extool  Extool helps you search the surface of a landable body. The CMDR needs to first run EDMC, and then install the extool plugin for EDMC. The plugin traces your movement around the surface, allowing you to record your paths, scans, add your own POI, or head to a specific location. In addition you can wing up and share your path with fellow explorers so that you can work together. The results are show via the website (follow the menu link on the left) You still need to use your Eyeball Mk1 though !

Extool Tips here

EDMC  This app downloads your Cmdr's details and system, faction, scan and station data from the game (requires Frontier Login details) and, at your choice, either: sends station data, system/faction information and body scan data to the Elite Dangerous Data Network (EDDN) from where you and others can use it via online trading, prospecting and shopping tools such as eddb, Elite Trade Net, Inara, Roguey's, Trade Dangerous, etc.. Also, it can sync your info, cargo, ship build etc to Coriolis, INARA and EDSM. You can run the app on the same machine on which you're running ED or on another machine connected via a network share.

Download here

EDDiscovery  EDDiscovery gives you the following major features: Shows your ED History Shows your current Materials State, Commodity State, Exploration scan values and many other panels exist to provide other information. It also has a 3D map of the galaxy showing travel history and data from EDSM and EDDB to aid your journey through the Elite Dangerous galaxy. It also allows for TTS/MP3 notifications of events in-game.

Download here

ED-VOID  EDVoid gives you the following major features: helps you with scanning stellar bodies, reporting POI and stellar anomalies or planetary features, navigation, reporting your exploration data, and get extended body information, based on existing reports.
It includes desktop application with overlay and web-application available from any browser (see menu on left), including mobile devices.

Download here

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