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The Mobius Colonial Republic Navy is a player faction based at Pedersen's Legacy in Mobia, in the Colonia region.

The Mobius Exploration Corps is a group of Mobius Explorers closely associated with the MCRN.

Both organisations declare their home system as Mobia, MEC will states it's in-game Minor Faction as MCRN.

Anyone outside or inside any of the Mobius-related private groups on PC, the two Xbox groups, or the Mobius private group on PS4, is welcome to join us.

Register for Mobius PvE membership here (requesting Mobius Factions Membership on page 3)

Our main goals are to see the MCRN thrive in the Colonia region, keep good relations with our neighbours in player-based factions where possible, and have a good time exploring playing the game. The MEC organise 3 or 4 expeditions every year and hang out on FaceBook

Wing members are encouraged to join our MCRN/MEC voice and text channels on the Mobius Discord server.

EDSM has the best dashboard view for MCRN influence by system, but Colonia Region System Database has some good information about traffic, crime, and bounties at the individual system-level.

There are several BGS guides available, including Sirius Inc.'s guide, and the closest thing we have to an official guide.

This chart from the Colonia Region System Database is difficult to read, at least due to not fitting on the screen well, but it is also one of the best ways to guess where we will expand to from a given system.

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